I thoroughly enjoy playing golf. Be it a weekend outing with a foursome, a quick round after work or a vacation filled with golf. Golf is the most relaxing and satisfying sport I can imagine but it wasn't always this way. In my early years I tried hard to kill the ball and, once on the green, to guide the ball into the cup.

Needless to say, I had very little early success and rarely broke 100. My mental state was not improved by such a round. Gradually, I became a better golfer because I finally learned some of the secrets to success. My improvement in golf parallels my new career in insurance sales and it was all caused by my mental attitude! What I learned in sales was to "Have a System and Work your System!" I was taught to follow a set procedure and then I would be able to handle the unexpected, the initial rejections which inevitably happen in each and every sales presentation.

Think of your last five rounds of golf, did everything go as planned? It never happens that way does it? So you must be prepared by having a system and staying with your system. Now what do I mean by having a "System?" If you are teeing off and you use a different method of setting up each time, what are your odds of striking the ball consistently? On the other hand, if you always go behind the ball and line up the ball with the target and with some object about 2-4 feet in front of the ball and online to the target, you will be more consistent and hit online more often than not. This is "having a system and using your system."

Now if you can paint a mental picture of how you want the swing to look, the flight pattern of the ball and its landing you have won most of the battle. So how do you paint this picture so that it will always be there and, if you can visualize the act, then you can accomplish the act. Your body will do what your mind tells it to do.

This is where Martha Sue Yeary comes in with her B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf.  In addressing the ball, you visualize getting in your car in the morning to go to work.  The first thing you do is put the car in reverse and back up slowly, then you stop and put the car in neutral, then you put the car in forward and step on the gas.  At first you accelerate moderately but then you visualize yourself going up an on-ramp to an Interstate Highway and a big 18-wheeler is coming on the inside lane, you know that you have to increase your acceleration so that you will enter the highway safely in front of the truck and out in the clear on a beautiful open highway.

It's as simple as that; if you can think it you can do it, then by jolly you can do it!  We can all visualize backing up a car, stopping, place the car in neutral, then in drive and accelerating moderately at first and then stepping on the gas as you move smartly up the on-ramp.

Just imagine you are on the 3rd tee at a beautiful Hill and Dale course with the tee up high and a beautiful tree lined fairway in front of you on a 424 yard par-4 hole.  There is a slight dogleg left about 270 yards out and the fairway begins to roll downhill a bit just at the dogleg.  As you step back and survey the fairway you realize that you want your ball to stay right so you can negotiate the left dogleg.  So you line up your shot to the right center of the fairway and you see a leaf about three feet in front of your ball, it is right between you and the spot you want your ball to end up.  So you line up using the leaf as a guide, you take the club back low and slow.  You pause at the top of your backswing as you imagine yourself changing the car to neutral and then shifting to DRIVE, you start your downswing slowly at first and then pick up momentum as you feel that you are in control and in a groove.  You maintain the acceleration all the way thru the ball and continue all the way till the clubhead wraps itself around your left shoulder.

As you are standing up high on this beautiful golf tee on a clear day you admire the flight of the ball as it starts to the right side of the fairway and then curves in gently to the center right portion of the fairway and lands about 260 yards out and then the ball takes the spin and rolls just up the hill and then down the other side stopping in the middle of the fairway about 150 yards from the pin. 

You begin to imagine your shot landing about 3 feet from the pin and you putt in for a birdie (never think, the worst I can do is a par, always think, hey I've put myself in position for a bird). 

Now that, I submit to you is BEAUTY!  The beauty that you will experience when you have a System and work your System.

Just like my first Sales Manager many years ago, Martha Sue has taught me a System of Golf.  A System that allows me to adjust to bad lies, various weather conditions and unexpected hazards.  This System has taken at least 12 strokes off my average round!

It is a System that helps you to enjoy the true BEAUTY OF GOLF!

Jim Hargrove


But the best news of all is that yesterday I went out to play on a 3-par course right near my home.  I was amazed at how well I did!  The first three holes I made in five strokes each.  The fifth, however, took me 11!  My "chip shots" with the "P" iron kept rolling past the green.  Then my putting was "not up to par" as they say.  Then I lost a ball in the water for a two-shot penalty, then another sunk out of site in mud for another two-shot penalty.  By the end of the front nine, I had a 59 -- even counting the 11 on the fifth hole!!! "ATTA-BOY!!!"

After nine, I decided to continue.  On the tenth, a foursome asked that I play before them.  So I had to do my stuff in front of four experienced golfers.  I was a little nervous, but I drove off the tee to within about 10 yards of the green.  I chipped on to the green, then two putted.  My first Bogie!  I was so excited!!!  Believe it or not I Can Golf!

By the way, I did all this stuff with my clubs I bought at Goodwill for $1.99 each and my bag for $4.99.  The driving range is only $6.50 for 45 balls or $11 for 90 balls, and my 18 holes only cost $25.00.  So it's even not as expensive as I always thought it would be.  I did a splurge on some golf shoes, but they were on special for $39, normally $99.  I looked good!! "Atta-boy!!!"

Hope to see you next month in Florida.  I hope to be golfing with Amy Styer on the morning of November 16th at a course in Orlando somewhere.

Ed Weil Reyes

Testimonials for BI.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro's Empowered Golfers

I just can't believe it!  I don't know what you said or what you showed me.  Maybe it was showing me to throw sandbags into a truck.  But after finishing with your lesson, I went to the driving range and consistently hit my 7 iron 100 yards.  Not only that, but landed the majority of the balls within 5 feet of the flag.  I was on the range for two hours.  I just hit and hit not believing that I could repeat the shot again.  Just like I could not believe that I painted that picture that is hanging at station 63.  I am amazed that I am hitting the ball straight.  I have since repeated that swing on numerous occasions at the driving range.  And I feel like a million bucks.  I look forward to future lessons.

Thank you for making the game of golf more enjoyable.
Tony Castro  FF/EMT

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