How many strokes do you want to drop in 90 days?

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We were members at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, and that's where I cut my teeth on golf at the ripe age of 24!  WOW!  A walk through Heaven on Earth!

If you have ever watched the PGA's Colonial National Invitational Tournament on TV, you will understand what a real treat it was to be part of that history of golf.  Ben Hogan's Alley causes many a golfer … me included … a huge amount of trouble!

I would watch the PGA Tour players come to town and see them make the most unbelievable shots on the course where I struggled so hard just to break 100!  It was like a magnet to draw me back to the golf course to see if “JUST THIS VERY DAY … THE RESULTS WOULD BE DIFFERENT!  

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​​​​​I just knew that I would make a HUGE turn in my own game by continuing to just go and play!”  RIGHT!  You probably have that “TEE-shirt” too!  Keep doing what you're doing and guess what … you're going to keep getting what you have been getting!  That's proven and it doesn't matter what you are doing … the results will be the same! The term for this is INSANITY!

What in the world would drive me to change my habits?

I saw something in the professionals that I wanted to have!  Not that I wanted to go and play on tour … it never even crossed my mind at that time … but I wanted to have the same “GOLF-CONFIDENCE” that I saw in the professionals.  I watched them stand on the other side of Hole #9 at Colonial Country Club and make their daring shots across the lake and land their balls inside a small green surrounded by bunkers on 3 sides and water on the front!  I watched them not only hit the green … but “suck” the ball back to the hole many times!  It looked so easy … and yet … I didn't have the golf tools to make my game look like that!  I watched them … AND I WANTED MORE FROM GOLF!

When my girls were both in elementary school, I determined that enough was enough ... and I was going to become proactive in a solution for this very time consuming and expensive sport of golf! A new teaching professional came to Colonial with a very unusual teaching method. I watched some of my friends begin to work this system ... and I saw improvements in their swings and, frankly, I began to be jealous! I wanted to be better ... and realized that if I didn't make some changes ...I WAS ALWAYS GOING TO STINK AT GOLF! I would always make excuses about my game! The excuses weren't to anyone else ... they were to myself!

I told the professional that I wanted to do what my friends were doing and was told immediately that I had to commit to practicing in the following manner:
1)  Hit 1,000 to 1,500 balls daily from the practice tee; 2)  Practice from the bunker; 3)  Practice chipping; 4)  Practice putting; 5)  Practice hitting over and under obstacles; 6)  Practice hitting the ball with only 1 arm; standing on only 1 leg; alternate this method and practice in drills with a repetitive motion; and 7)  I would not play a round of golf for at least 6 weeks – ONLY PRACTICE! 
Now this was really a commitment because even though I was playing really poorly, I was still going out and with the idea that it would get better and playing several times each week to chase that DREAM!  DUH!

It took me about a month to make the decision to make this commitment!  Actually it took the Pros returning for yet another Colonial NIT for me to get such a burning desire… one more time … to do something about the level of golf that I was experiencing!  IT WAS AWFUL!  You know something is wrong with your game when you can be right in front of the green in regulation… and still take 5 more strokes to get the ball in the hole!


Have you ever wanted something so badly that you were willing to make changes?

I did everything that was required of me to make the changes in my golf game.  I took my daughters to school at 8:30am each morning and went straight to the driving range.  I practiced for the entire day – until 3:30pm each day when I returned to school to pick up my girls to return home and do all the “Mommy Chores” that I had to accomplish to make a household function!  This driving force became a FULL-TIME JOB and by this time … I was a ripe old age of about 30 years!

What kind of consequences do you experience with making this kind of change?

YOU HURT from the time you get up until the time YOU go to bed!

People ridiculed my efforts to change! My hands had blisters on all of my fingers.  I went to the pharmacy and asked about some stuff I heard about to keep you from getting blisters.  He said “lady what in the world are you doing?  You are too late … you have to use that stuff before you get the blisters!”  I replied that I was hitting golf balls … and he replied “lady, you better quit hitting so many balls!”  To which I replied … “YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND … I AM COMMITTED!”  To which he immediately replied … “YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED, LADY!”
You don't vary from your commitment to make a change! 
You must stay totally focused … and let no distractions lead you off your path!

Stay tuned to find out what happened NEXT! 

I took up the game of golf in 1972 when I was pregnant with my second daughter.  I had a one-year old toddler and was a “golf-widow” most of the time.  I found that it would be a great idea to learn the sport that my husband enjoyed so much!  GREAT IDEA! If you can't beat them … join them!

​​The first 6 years of my golf career were far from what anyone would recognize as a "pro."  However, I could hit the ball a VERY LONG WAY … you weren't always sure where it would end up … but a long way and I felt that if I could get distance … I could someday develop a short game and learn how to get the ball in the hole!  I also felt that it was very unfair that putting and chipping would count the very same in scoring as a shot that went between 150 to 250 yards.  You will learn why I felt this was unfair … and probably you may have experienced this same lack of understanding about the game of golf.  If we are not good at something … we sometimes find fault in its validity!  I had a very hard time developing and understanding what a “short game” was supposed to be … and therefore … I felt it wasn't fair to count so heavily in my scoring system.  However, when you are going to play with the other golfers in the world … you can't have your very own scoring system and negate the importance of the different kinds of shots!