A "bad-lie" in golf may be caused by having NO "Golf-Confidence"

Did you ever wake up from a dream that made it seem like you might have died and gone to Heaven???  That's what I experienced that day!  I made shots over and under trees if I was not in the middle of the fairway with my tee-shots.  I hit the middle of the greens … I never even saw water … I chipped and putted like those guys I had been jealous of who play golf for a living! IT WAS AMAZING!  I was "GOLF-CONFIDENT!"

Everything was GREAT … until the 18th Green!  One of the ladies – my opponents … said “You know if you sink this putt … you will shoot a 77!”  She didn't say it to be mean … I don't think … she was just blown away because she knew me as the “other golfer … the want-to-be old golfer” that I had been. 

How many strokes do you want to drop in 90 days?

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If you do not have your new habit secured … any doubt will bring back the old habit. My brain immediately went into WARP DRIVE ... WON'T WORK … YOU CAN'T DO IT! These are the thoughts of doubt that any golfer could experience until they have “GOLF-CONFIDENCE!”  I shot 80 for my 1st round of golf!  That was dropping 15 strokes in 1 round! Even though I might have had the 77 … or 78 … or 79 … if no one had told me what I was doing and left me “unconscious competent” … it was still a great day of golf history for me!

95 to 80 in 6 weeks of VERY HARD WORK!

By Christmas I won the honor of the “Most Improved Player” that year.  It took another year to drop 2 strokes to a 7 handicap.  Then it took me another 3 years to drop to a handicap of 4.

Less than 10% of all golfers in the United States have a single digit handicap.


It was a HUGE accomplishment to reach this level of play …

and most of all a totally new feeling of “GOLF-CONFIDENCE!”


Now here's the great deal!  You can hit 1,000 to 1,500 balls each day … spend almost 8 hours per day practicing at the range OR you can commit to follow the very simple, duplicable and proven Empowered Golfers Formula to Eliminate 1/3 of YOUR Golf Mistakes in the next 90-days!

I paid a very heavy price to learn how to improve YOUR golf game …

and I'm going to teach you the same secret … RISK FREE!

I paid the price to learn the hard way how repetitive drills help change your paradigm!  However, who has either the time or the desire to spend 8 hours per day working on the golf course to just get better at golf! 

Better yet … who has the money to practice to this extent?   Not very many people! 

If you have a sponsor and want to turn pro … go for it!

If not … take the path of the Empowered Golfers Formula which is simple, proven and duplicable!  You can eliminate 1/3 of your OWN golf mistakes in the next 90 days and create a game you can be proud to expose to your business clients!

Come on ... I Dare you ... Dare you ... I Double-dog Dare you! 

LET GO ... and LET'S GOLF!

Martha Sue IS the most dangerous woman in golf ... because she changed the way we play!

Proud Mother of two grown daughters, Stephanie and Stacey and blessed with four beautiful grandchildren, Ella & Hudson and Drew & Bridget.  Thankfully loved and supported by her White Lab … best pal Max, and kitties Blackie & Pooh Bear for that 16,000 mile wonderful journey about golf and love of life in the B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Cross-Country Tour!

Martha Sue Yeary

LPGA Teaching Pro

Founder of B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf, B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro and Empowered Golfers

What kind of results do you experience with change?

No one in town, including me or my coach, knew what would happen the first time I went to play my first game after this regimen of committed practice!  I was partnered with a friend to play in a Ladies' Member Guest at another Country Club at exactly the 6-week time I was allowed to return to playing golf. 

I WAS CHOMPING AT THE BIT!  I was absolutely so anxious about what might happen, but I announced on the 1st Tee that I didn't want to hear what I was shooting …. I just wanted to play my game!  The other 3 golfers, my partner and the opposing team, all agreed!


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