There are two main reasons you haven't done it before:

  • You didn't BELIEVE you could
  • You didn't have a B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro Coach with a new all-star approach!!

You can eliminate 1/3 of your golf mistakes in 90  Days ... Guaranteed!  

The amount of refund is determined BY YOU, up to 90% (10% Admin Fee)!


  1. attend all Webinars, or confirm content,
  2. participate in YOUR weekly one-on-one 15-minute coaching calls,
  3. complete all golf practice assignments, and
  4. submit all reports as requested  . . .

        AND. . . IF . . . YOU have not eliminated at least 30% of YOUR GOLF MISTAKES found during YOUR

        ORIGINAL BENCHMARK ROUND, you will qualify for our money-back guarantee.  The amount of

        refund is determined BY YOU, up to 100%!  

Your B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro will coach you to eliminate 1/3 of the mistakes from your current game! ... In this Virtual School you will learn how to:

  • Overcome any challenges you have in your game.
  • Erase negative thinking and self-talk!
  • Increase self-confidence & speed up your game.
  • Create repetitive motion while implementing a positive self-praising mechanism.
  • Develop your own Happy Word for golf and life
  • Change the direction and the enjoyment of the game you have today ... or desire for the future by applying the Empowered Golfers Formula in your golf game!
  • Change the course of your life and that of your family as well by applying the Empowered Golfers Formula into your daily lives.
  • Set your path to Play Golf LIKE a Pro by applying the Four Phases of Understanding!
  • Build "Golf-Confidence" by applying simple life metaphors into your game.
  • Achieve powerful new results by applying a SIMPLE to understand and EASY to remember plan!
  • Create choices in your golf game.  You know what you are doing isn't working for you!  The new actions that the Empowered Golfers Formula teaches you will achieve the powerful new results you desire.

A GREAT golfer can go on most golf courses and sometimes have an average score of 72 strokes.  This would be a Par-Shooter!  A BEGINNER golfer might have a score around 140 strokes and everyone else falls somewhere in between.

The aim, of course, IS to have as low a score as possible.

Let's take for an example a Benchmark round of someone who shoots a round of 105 strokes.  After the Empowered Golfers Formula 90-Day Virtual Golf School they might shoot rounds of 82.


So how could you eliminate 23 strokes in only 90 days?

SIMPLE!  You follow the plan that your B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro will teach you.  It is a proven system that when learned and applied GIVES you the golf game you desire and perhaps never believed you could have!

Visualize yourself 180 days from October 31... think about the single BIGGEST RESULT you want to have ... BETTER golf? ... NEW clients? ... NEW friends? ... MORE fun? ... MORE Referrals? ... INCREASED business? ... REPEAT business? ... A POSITIVE ROI in yourself? ...     YOU CAN DO IT!

Imagine what it would be like if you could magically improve your game, in a very short time.  You would no longer dread being invited to the golf course by your boss and colleagues, or to do business.  No more making excuses so you don't embarrass yourself on the tee!

Is YOUR Golf Game a "Business Income Magnet?"

Extra strokes in your game can keep you from getting new business, making NEW connections and halting your advancement.  Your weak performance on the tee, on the fairway, in the rough, the bunker and on the green, all add up to you not wanting to play.  You may even offer weak excuses to skip out!

Is that you???
How many strokes do you want to drop in 90 days?

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