You can eliminate 1/3 of your golf mistakes in 90  Days ... Guaranteed!  

The amount of refund is determined BY YOU, up to 100%!


  1. attend all Webinars, or confirm content,
  2. participate in YOUR weekly one-on-one 15-minute coaching calls,
  3. complete all golf practice assignments, and
  4. submit all reports as requested  . . .

        and . . . IF . . . YOU have not eliminated at least 30% of YOUR GOLF MISTAKES found during YOUR

        ORIGINAL BENCHMARK ROUND, you will qualify for our money-back guarantee.  The amount of

        refund is determined BY YOU, up to 100%!  

BECAUSE THEY have experienced the results of its System to Eliminate 30% of their golf mistakes & are offered the opportunity to create a for-profit golf business & REAP TAX BENEFITS.  These Affiliates will receive a 30% commission for recruiting new students for future B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro Virtual Schools!

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